Pearl Jam: Toronto 2016 - Night 2 2016

Pearl Jam: Toronto 2016 - Night 2

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Pearl Jam play live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada on May 12th 2016. >> SETLIST: Why Go, Corduroy, Mind Your Manners, Brain of J., Animal, Garden, I Am Mine, Nothingman, Cropduster (followed by "Fly by Night" ( Rush) snippet; tour debut), Even Flow, Daughter (with "W.M.A." and "Blitzkrieg Bop" tags), Green Disease (tour debut), Unthought Known, Present Tense, Alone (tour debut), Lightning Bolt, Do the Evolution, Blood, >> ENCORE: Just Breathe, Oceans, Inside Job, Breath, Lukin, Porch >> ENCORE 2: Last Kiss (Wayne Cochran cover) (played to fans behind the stage), Last Exit, Better Man, Crazy Mary (Victoria Williams cover), Black, Alive, Baba O'Riley (The Who cover) (with Donna Grantis) (Eddie pointed out Geddy Lee of Rush and the band played "Cygnus X-1" (Rush) snippet), Yellow Ledbetter
Released: 2016-05-12

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