Who the F#ck Is Chip Seinfeld? 2011

Who the F#ck Is Chip Seinfeld?

HD 0 26 minutes
A darkly comedic portrait of Chip Seinfeld- the degenerate, cocaine-addicted "brother" of Jerry Seinfeld. The story follows Chip through the streets of Columbus, Ohio as he struggles to break out of the shackles of his failed attempt at a stand-up comedy career. Just when it looks like he gets the chance of his life to headline a comedy festival, his paranoia gets the best of him and he shoots himself in the foot just like he has always done in the past. He might be obscure to the general public but within the world of stand-up comedy he is loved by few and hated by many.
Genre: Comedy
Released: 2011-11-11
Director: Mike Newman

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