Raja Rajendra 2015

Raja Rajendra

HD 6.5 0 minutes
Raja Rajendra is a 2015 Kannada comedy film written and directed by Pon Kumaran. It stars Sharan, Ishita Dutta, Vimala Raman and P. Ravi Shankar in the stellar roles. The film marks the reunion of director Kumaran and actor Sharan after their previous venture, Jai Lalitha. Produced by Uday K. Mehta, the film released on 6 February 2015 The story revolves around Bottle Mani (Sharan), a lame duck, who takes a supari to kill Neelakanta Raju (Ramakrishna), an elderly person from a royal family. He's been assigned the job by none other than the old man's three sons-in-law, who want to grab his property. Mani is assisted by his uncle (Tabla Nani) but he faces a lot of problems in the palace as the family is huge. He misses a couple of chances to kill Raju. There's a twist in the tale when the real Bottle Mani (Ravishankar) walks out of jail only to find that a fraud has usurped his identity and entered the palace. Henceforth, it's only chaos that reigns supreme.
Genre: Comedy
Released: 2015-02-06
Director: Pon Kumaran

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