Pearl Jam: Fenway Park 2016 - Night 1 2016

Pearl Jam: Fenway Park 2016 - Night 1

HD 0 150 minutes
Pearl Jam play the first of two nights live at Fenway Park, Boston, MA, USA on August 5th 2016. >> SETLIST: Release, Long Road, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Low Light, All Those Yesterdays, Given to Fly, Mind Your Manners, Why Go, Daughter (with 'W.M.A.' and 'Another Brick in the Wall Part 2' tags), Even Flow, Faithful, Grievance, I Am Mine, Down, Black (with Bronson Arroyo), Do the Evolution, Masters of War (Bob Dylan cover) (first since 2008), I Am a Patriot (Little Steven cover) (fast version), Porch >> ENCORE: Strangest Tribe (tour debut), Society (Jerry Hannan cover), Just Breathe, Sleeping by Myself (Eddie Vedder song), Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted, State of Love and Trust, Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover), Corduroy >> ENCORE 2: Draw the Line (Aerosmith cover) (live debut in the context of a Pearl Jam show), Alive, I've Got a Feeling (The Beatles cover) (first since 2004), Baba O'Riley (The Who cover)
Released: 2016-08-05

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