Aleksandr Volodin. Gloomy Marathon 2006

Aleksandr Volodin. Gloomy Marathon

HD 0 39 minutes
An almost unknown girl Frida accompanied Aleksandr Volodin to the front. When he returned, he married her. A sense of duty and gratitude bound them, but this did not prevent him from continuing to search for a female ideal... The name of the poet and playwright Aleksandr Volodin is familiar to everyone who loves russian cinema and theater. The films Elder Sister, Five Evenings, The Magician, Autumn Marathon, the famous performances of the Tovstonogov's BDT and Efremov's Sovremennik, staged according to his plays, were remembered for their unique intonation, the soft, not at all edifying voice of a person who knows something about life that we pass by without noticing. Most of Volodin's works are autobiographical, he writes about his generation, about the generation "scorched by war".

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