Radivoje 'Raša' Andrić

Radivoje 'Raša' Andrić

Radivoje Andrić (born 1967) is a Serbian film and television director. Prior to his studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, he directed the performances at the Dadov amateur theatre: "Tomb for Boris Davidovich" by Danilo Kiš and "Che - the Lasting Tragedy" by Duško Radović and Matija Bećković. He acquired his experience over the past ten or so years working as an assistant to renowned Yugoslav directors. Participated in the Festival of Documentary and Short Film in Belgrade (1997) with the films: "January River", and "The Week of Fighting Against Interference" - all about demonstrations in Belgrade during 1996-1997, produced by independent Belgrade radio station and video production B-92. With his film January River, he participated in Pusan International Film Festival (1998) and L'Alternativa '98 (Barcelona). With those films and also with his last short documentary "Can't they see the writing on the wall - emancipating the media" he participated in the Venice Biennale, as a guest of the Italian pavilion, presenting the video production of Radio B-92.
Known For: Directing
Birthday: 1967-07-08
Place of Birth: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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