Rodney Ascher

Rodney Ascher

Rodney Ascher is a filmmaker whose feature debut, the ‘subjective documentary' ROOM 237 (IFC) looked at Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining through the eyes of five very different people, each obsessed with solving its countless mysteries. The film premiered at Sundance in 2012 before screening at festivals around the world including Cannes, London, the Vienalle, Sitges, Toronto, and New York. His follow-up, the ‘horror-documentary’ THE NIGHTMARE (Gravitas Ventures) explored the phenomenon of ‘sleep paralysis’ and it likewise debuted at Sundance where it was called The Scariest Movie of the decade” and “One of the scariest documentaries ever’ before being released internationally in theaters and digitally. His other projects include a PRIMAL SCREEN for the Shudder Network, a GIF-centric music video for the experimental, Hugo-nominated hip-hop band CLIPPING, Andy Kaufman’s posthumous (?) comedy album, ANDY AND HIS GRANDMOTHER (Drag City) and the infamous S FROM HELL.
Known For: Directing
Place of Birth: USA
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